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Deploying a cluster of Minecraft server with Kubernetes in AWS with kops

In this video we keep working in deploying Minecraft server automated and in HA.

For achieve this we are going to deploy Minecraft in a cluster of Docker containers in AWS with Kubernetes orchestrator with an ELB and autoscaling groups.

You have all the process in the following video:

All the documentation is here:

and the source code is here:

Here is a briefing of the main commands:

export KOPS_STATE_STORE=s3://k8s-juanvi2-state-store

export NAME=juanvi.k8s.local

kops create cluster --zones eu-west-1a ${NAME}

kops edit cluster ${NAME}

kops create cluster --zones eu-west-1a ${NAME} --yes

kops update cluster juanvi.k8s.local --yes

kops validate cluster

kubectl get nodes --show-labels

kops get cluster

kops edit ig --name=$NAME nodes

kops edit ig --name=$NAME master-eu-west-1a

kubectl apply -f

kubectl proxy --port=8080 &

kubectl run sample-nginx --image=nginx --replicas=2 --port=80

kubectl get pods

kubectl get deployments

kubectl expose deployment sample-nginx --port=80 --type=LoadBalancer

kubectl get services -o wide

kubectl create -f deployment-minecraft.yaml

kubectl get rc

kubectl get pods

kubectl create -f service-minecraft.yaml

kubectl describe service minecraft

kops delete cluster --name=$NAME —yes

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