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Openshift Origin installation and testing (minishift in local workstation)

In this video I show you how to install an Openshift Origin installation in your MAC OS X local environment and create a cluster of one node with minishift (

Source code used in the video available in

A briefing of commands used in the video:

Detailed instructions used for the deployment:

brew cask install minishift

minishift ip

oc login

oc new-project JVproject

oc new-project jvproject

oc new-app

git clone

oc status

oc logs -f bc/nodejs-ex

oc expose svc/nodejs-ex

minishift openshift service nodejs-ex --in-browser -n jvproject

cd nodejs-ex/

vi views/index.html 

git add commit -m "test change"

git add  -m "test change"

git status

git add views/index.html 

git commit -m "test commit build minishift"

git push

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